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Founded in 2001, the Texas Family Law Foundation's mission is to improve the family law practice and jurisprudence of the State of Texas.

Texas Family Law Foundation in the News!

In the June 11, 2007 issue of Texas Lawyer, the Texas Family Law Foundation is recognized in the list of 'Winners' in this year's legislative session. Below is an excerpt from the article Winners and Losers of the Madcap 80th Legislative Session by Mary Alice Robbins. The article discusses our work on HB 555, which amended the parenting plan provision of the Family Code.

Winner: Texas Family Law Foundation

Opposed to a 2005 law requiring divorcing couples with children to prepare “parenting plans,” the Texas Family Law Foundation (TFLF) set out to repeal the law this year. What the foundation achieved, says TFLF president Jackie Wayne Marr, was a compromise on three critical issues.

Marr, a partner in Marr, Meier & Bradicich in Victoria, says H.B. 555 eliminates the requirement that couples develop temporary parenting plans and prohibits a court from such a requirement by local rule. The bill also bars a court from adopting one party’s parenting plan if the opposing party fails to submit a plan, Marr says.